Camp Sunshine - Bob Mould

Greetings from the camp where every day is fun
The weather's warm and everyone is cool
We get to camp at 10, we play all day and then
We get some sleep, do it all again
Melodies appear in the night
Thoughts become words in the morning light
I pack them together and make it to Camp Sunshine
The days I get to spend making music with my fiends
Are always most important to me
There's always songs galore, I'm always writing more
I think about the kids we used to see
Some get sick and pass away
Others find a different place to play
Believe me, there's nowhere I'd rather stay
Wish this camp was home
It's time to be a man on my own
It's grown-up time, there is no rhyme
Or reason for games we play
People get together, people fall apart
People do the best they can
We can't predict the future, you can't forget the past
Just enjoy the moments we have
Regardless of what comes next
Always treat your friends with love and respect
Always be grateful, always say thank you and please
Take me back to Camp Sunshine
Welcome back to Camp Sunshine
Please come back to Camp Sunshine
All we need is some sunshine

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