Sin King - Bob Mould

Life has changed around this place
For reasons I can't explain
I know one thing about ya, babe
You're sinking our democracy
You used to be so fine
Like rainbow cotton candy on my mind
I guess I lost my sweet tooth a long, long time ago
For you, for you
I wish the facts were crystal clear
But in this light, they disappear
The darkness, it keeps marching on
Dragged us down for way too long
Years ago, we used to be so proud
And prude to speak our thoughts out loud
Now all this ugly friction, it wears and tears me down
What did you do? What did you do? Oh
I wish we both could hold the hands of time
And spin them counterclockwise as we climb
I've lost track of the love we had
It's sad that I can't count on you, on you

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