No One Listen - Ray Davies

Why is it difficult to get things done
In the age of computers and communication?
The powers that be say they can't keep a hold
Of a world that is escalating out of control

Out on the street there's a war going on
And everything is going wild
But a bureaucrat says, "We've lost your file
So we'll put you on hold for a while"

Hey man, call the D.A.
Call the National Guard, call the president
Call anyone in the land of the free
'Cause they ain't gonna listen to me

Call the P.D., the emergency? vacuation
The Dalai Lama, Kofi Annan
And they ain't gonna listen to me

The voice on the phone says, 'We'll get right back'
But they say all the computers are down
And the chief prosecutor had to go out of town
No one listen, nobody listens, no one listens to me

Now we've got you in the system
Somebody's gonna get back to you
Then in a few more years we'll give your case a review
No one listen, nobody listens, they ain't gonna listen to me

Hey man, call the Government
Write to City Hall, United Nations
Tell the preacher at the missionary
'Cause they ain't gonna listen to me

Blame the hurricane, blame the drug trade, the economy
Blame the ghettos in the land of the free
'Cause they ain't gonna listen to me
They ain't gonna listen to me

Everybody knows it's a cryin' shame
How the little guy gets kicked around
Everybody I talk to agrees that if you wanna get heard
It's connections that count

I was minding my business
When a bad situation occurred, shock, horror and fear
Now the outcome is still unclear
Hey man, I am the innocent party here
They ain't gonna listen to me

Tell the National Guard
Tell the talk show on the TV
Tell the winos in the old man bar
? Cause they ain't gonna listen to me

Now I'm stuck here in their system
They ain't gonna listen, nobody listens
They ain't gonna listen to me

Writer(s): RAY DAVIES
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