Human Being Song - Okkervil River

It's hard to be a human being
Just seeking, needing, feeling pain
From things you can't articulate
And dodging blame
And measuring
And hiding shame
It's hard

It's hard to open up your heart
And face the fact that you could fail
And show the world what you don't know
And let your long-held high ground go
So you get cold
And act apart
I get it, though
It's hard

A human being was shaped by God
It's just an ape with changes made
It crowds the Earth
It takes and takes
Just like a plague

But still there's good
Or even great
Can we escape?
Is it too late?

And I've got nothing smart to say
To wrap it up, to come to close
I hardly see beyond my nose
And I've got no idea of
What you've been through
Or had to do
Or rose above
But brother, I believe in love

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