Being Alive - Live 2016 - Barbra Streisand

This next one is the Broadway album right
Behind me
And this cover has a little story behind it too
The chair that I'm sitting in is a reference to the fact that
In my first Broadway show
I can get a few wholesale
I played a character called Mrs Malmsteen
Some of you saw it?
Really? Wow!
She was a secretary who sang about apply, you know
Well sit in an rolling secretary old chair
And if you wanna know more about that chair
You gonna have to wait to read about it in my book
Because the chair actually has its own chapter

In 1986 I said that I wanted to do an album of Broadway songs
And they said: Why would you do that? You know
Your last pop album "Guilty Superman", they were hits
Why do you want to do something different?
They say nobody wants to hear old, how did they say, show tunes
Old show tunes, they won't sell
They are out of date
But I love the idea of going back to my theatrical roots
So I made the record anyway
And I have to admit it was a really good feeling
When it went to number one

Because in my opinion this kind of music will never been out of date
And thank God, most of you agree
And recording the Broadway album
Gave me the chance to work close with Stephen Sondheim
Who wrote this next song
From "Company"
It takes place in New York City
It's the main character birthday
And he's surrounded by friends
But he still fells alone
And he realises that he's never really been in love, you know
And his other points in his life were he just likes to feel something
And he thinks
And his friends say: Bobby what you need is

Someone to hold you too close
Someone to hurt you too deep
Someone to sit in your chair
And ruin your sleep
And make you aware of being alive

Someone to need you too much
Someone to know you too well
Someone to pull you up short
And put you through hell
And give you support for being alive
Being alive
Make me alive, make me confused
Mock me with praise, let me be used
Vary my days
But alone is alone
Not alive

Somebody crowd me with love
Somebody force me to care
Somebody make me com through
I'll always be there
As frightened as you to help us survive
Being alive, being alive
Being alive
Yes, being alive

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