Skool Bus (Skit) - A$AP Mob

What up my brothers and sisters?
How y'all feelin'?
Them chancletas you got on?
Yo ass got on some mothafuckin' mosquito stompers
Them bitches bogus as hell, on my momma boy
Yo ass tried to stop a motorcycle with them chancletas on
They skinned yo big toe off, on my momma
Lost a toe nail, rest in peace to that toe nail, on my momma
Look like you chewin' your neck on your shirt
Yo barber shoes
Who said that?
Me, nigga
I'ma bake yo big ass
You think you hot, too
Took your ass three months to fuck a fat BBW midget, on my momma
You tricked off and everything
You took that bitch to Spain for twenty-four hours and back
And fingered her ass
You thought you was the man
You ain't hit the pussy, just fingered it
Hit the finger with the thumb, on my momma yo
"I got a kiss, though!"
Dirt ass
Wet big toe head ass, boy, on my momma
Nigga all your teeth different lengths though, nigga
Sunday school legends
All your teeth fightin' inside your mouth, nigga
Your ass got some John Legend
Look like a piano inside there, G
That's basic, cuz
Come on, man
I can buy some new teeth though, you can't buy swag, my brother
Your ass had an interview, you had to sell a bag of weed, and you got into it with your bitch all in one day with that fit on
Three times, your ass got a three-way combo fit on
How you a gangsta up top, interviewer at the bottom, I'll Crip-walk against you on the shoes
Get your dumbass out here
Your ass, "Straight outta Locash, crazy motherfucker named Gusto"
Coat ass, boy
Hell nah!
You don't get no cooch, your ass be beatin' off to midget sex
On searchin', "Hottest midget", on my mama
The difference is, I'm graduatin', your ass still gonna be on this bus talkin' shit about niggas next year
So what? I'll still be here then, fuck it
I'll graduate one day, goddamn it
I'm cozy than a mothafucka in this school! I ain't goin' nowhere
On baby

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