Wham Bam Shang-a-Lang (Guardians of the Galaxy) (Originally Performed By Silver) - New Tribute Kings

Starry night, sunny days
I always thought that love should be that way
Then comes a time that you're really in doubt
You've loved all you can and now you're all loved out
Ooo baby we've been a long long way
And who's to say were we'll be tomorrow
Well my heart says no
But my mind says it's so
We've got a love
Is it a love to stay

We've got a wham bam shang-a-lang and a sha-la-la-la baby

Looking at you I wanted to say
I think a little emotion goes a long long way
Careful now don't get caught in no dreams
Look out baby this is not what it seems
Ooo baby you've been so good to me.

But Please don't make it what it's not.
Well, I thought we agreed on what we need
so listen to me I'll tell you what we got

we got to Wham Bam Shang a lang and sha la la la

I think you're seeing what I've been saying, cause I hear you

singing to the tune I am playing
Now that it's been said and we both understand, lets say our

goodbyes before it gets out of hand
Bye Bye, Baby I really loved to stay
but we'll remember the best Times in our Lives

We Got to wham bam shang a lang and sha la la la la (repeat to


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