Lady B. Goode - Chuck Berry

It was down in Louisiana, right there in New Orleans
Back there in the '60s was a little teen queen
Fell then the lassie in love with a lad
Till it took him to vindicate take the feelings she had
She pleaded as she promised every prayer she could
Till everybody whispered to her, Lady B. Goode

She followed him around where he would play his guitar
Till he got so popular they made him a star
Then she could only see him on a TV screen
And hoped someday that he'd come back to New Orleans
Everybody liked her and was knocking on wood
But soon there came a baby from the Lady B. Goode

She wondered if he's ever coming back someday
The brighter lights and glory may just keep him away
But then he wrote and told her Do not be dismayed
The love you have for me will never be betrayed
They want me do a movie about my livelihood
And I want you to play the part of Lady B. Goode

She went to see the movie when it hit the screen
Babysitting Johnnie Jr. down in New Orleans
He saw his daddy sing the song he heard in school
The one his mother told him about the golden rule
Tears filled her eyes when they misunderstood
When everybody knew that she was Lady B. Goode

Writer(s): Chuck Berry
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