Let Me Go - Mark Eitzel

My clothes are ripped and torn
I keep falling on my knee
Like a butterfly to chloroform
Praying to be free

The sidewalk gets high off my blood
It chews and chews it like gum
Without hunger, without love
Even after the flavor's gone

Threw all my change in the oceans
Worn-out Dixie cup
To take my prayer up to the mountain
Please don't trip me up

Just let me go

Once I had a house made of stone
I lived high above the dirt
Now I stumble down a road of bone
From those who could not be hurt

Threw my fortune at the feet
Of the beautiful old soak
All he does is drink and eat
Every word and every note

Let them go

Throw away all you have
For the dream that takes you down
All your trash, all your cash
For the dream that takes you down

There's nothing behind the disguise
But untouchable grace
You think the pretty picture
Wears your pretty face

Just let it go

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