In My Role as Professional Singer and Ham - Mark Eitzel

The carpenter went to his dark place again
Mouth full of gravy and turkey and truth
Only hears you when you say amen
So heavy is his burden of proof

Said his enemies he always outfoxes
So many dark forces at play
So many carpenters building little boxes
In the faded glory USA

When you look at me
I look away

I told him well I guess in my role
As a professional singer and ham
Instead of a cane I've got a broken soul
And it's with the deaf and dumb I stand

God bless your coldhearted causes
Your cartoons and curses are a bore
Your eyes aglow like stolen watches
The righteous so eager for war

When you look at me
I look away

Your god's a good chance to get stupid
It really brings up the blood
It will spin you dizzy as Cupid
Like a broken doll in a flood

You make me feel the noose is tightening
Though I know I lean melodramatic
The soundtrack for everything I see
Is played by those hacks from the Titanic

When they open fire
We look away

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