Nothing and Everything - Mark Eitzel

The night falls like a chain
Nothing and everything
Takes the blood from your vein
Nothing and everything

His lightning bolt hands
Only fill the room with ash
Makes impossible demands
Accepts credit cards or cash
Won't suffer your confession
Less you bend to his will
Relies on your compassion
To always get the bill

The chain weighs a ton
Nothing and everything
Freedom's a gun
It's nothing and everything

And because you love him
You're the punching bag
He's just a big child
It's just a game of tag
When he reaches for you
Like a demon from a spell
Hopes drown in their blood
Wishes die in the well

The chain shakes you out
Nothing and everything
When a coward's not found out
Nothing and everything

Behind him slow you follow
Dogged, tired and pale
Just like history's shadow
Spun out, cold and frail
When he beat your face in the taxi
And the driver called the cop
You said don't worry, it's the culture
And it's never going to stop

His smoke takes all the air
It's nothing and everything
Don't let yourself care
Nothing and everything

You forgive and forgive
Cause he puts on a show
He needs you to live
So with him you go
Where all hearts are frightened
And all hands are weak
To a marching drum
You can never speak

The chain pulls your collar
Nothing and everything
When the cage gets smaller
It's nothing and everything

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