Ego, ego
Skip it, trippin in my mind
Ego, ego
Skip it, trippin in my mind
Ego, ego
Trippy, trippy, trippy, trippy, trippy

I got one, you got one, and now we equal
Sometimes it makes you trip out on your people
Sometimes it has connotations of evil
Sometimes niggas call on it when they need to
It's called the ego

Ay, it's hard to really make the subject positively stated
Some may hate it and some might overrate it
It's a top story and you rarely see a trend
So all you psychoanalysts, pull out your pad and pen, it's called the ego
Come up with an idea, and no one seems to get it
Then every time you mention it, they stare like you're two-headed
But one day in your cubicle your idea really comes to view
Your boss is walking by, he sees it too and he takes it from you
She put you on the aces of all the stripper places
That has the kinda clientele where niggas trickle very well
You beg her and you plead her and you tuck away your ego
She knows you need the dicking and she knows you need the people
They call you fat and lazy, your commentary crazy
They photoshop your face on a box of McCormick gravy
And now that inner voice, the ego, making you get wavy
Change your diet, hit the gym and say "What were you saying to me?"
The ego makes you do it, it makes you face the music
Or run away from life so fast that you'll outsprint Carl Lewis
That has you think your deceptive ways of being untruest
Had the prettiest brown eyes but you change them shits to bluest
It's the ego

Ooo, Jack White
Ooo, Jack White

A celebrated genius, my dick game's the meanest
I'll take the girl that's augmented, new me is invented
I'll take the biggest house in Calabassas
Anyone for Michael Phelps swimming classes?
You need it when you're balling, equally when you're falling
Or when those kids in school on your locker they get to scrawling
Epithets is racist are stupid and mean in nature
Something that can make you feel stronger when people hate ya
Ego make you violent, or govern like a tyrant
Or switch ya dictionary's word from vibrant to vivrant
Fool the thirsty people, selling tap water in bottles
Fooled a girl with NYU scholarship, now she models
Ego has no ending, has people pretending
Religious zealots get jealous 'cause guys want their defending
This is the last Tribe and our ego hopes that you felt us
And closing for our ego, we know only God can help us

Ego, ego
Spit the truth right in my mind
Ego, ego
Spit the truth right in my mind
Ego, ego
Ego, ego
Spit the truth right in my mind
Ego, ego
Spit the truth right in my mind
Ego, ego
Spit the truth right in my mind
Ego, ego
Spit the truth right in my mind
Ego, ego
Spit the truth right in my mind

Writer(s): Kamaal Ibn John Fareed, John Gillis
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