Flight of the Knife (part 1) - Bryan Scary & the Shredding Tears


Enter airship Valentine
The station master's son
Who was never very capable of trying
Taken for a tommy fool
Someone to ignore
He put all his aspirations into flying
But did he ever guess he might
Get to fly the Knife


For every year
They told the tale
An airship that could never fail
The sharpest blade to ever sail
They float against their current lives
And feed their dreams and fill their skies
A flight to rise above the knives

Fly to the Moon and go back in time
Sit on the wave of a cloud
A message to our Sir Valentine
From somewhere up above
The sum of our lives
Could this be the Flight Of The Knife



So he made his way
Into a city made of factories
Seeking evidence of supernatural soaring
Led beyond the pail
Into an oceanic brain
Where a purple rain of rockets turned to pouring
And on the edge of sound and sight
Overtook the Knife

Sleepy summer's afternoon
The sun got stuck behind the moon
A hush fell down before the boom
And soaring from their left to right
A blazing trail of roaring light
Our airship and his flying Knife

Diving and dancing between the breeze
Climbing a ladder of clouds
No one below him could believe
That one so disavowed
Could turn things to right
And bring home the Flight Of The Knife

And so he flew into the blue
Oh airship what's become of you
You've really made the grade
You're gonna join the ranks today
So go and take your place

Break away
Look away
Break away
Look away

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