For You Always - Minor Victories

I met you in London, I met you in Leeds
I met you in New York, we met once in Los Angeles
Just around the time of the Columbine murders
Mojave 3 were playing on Sunset Boulevard at Tower Records
There was always something about you but you had a man in your life
I felt a connection with you that felt so comfortable and right
There's an unconditional love that rises above of all
If you needed me in any way I'd always be there for you always

Don't know when we met but
There was always something about you
But I always had a boyfriend and you always had a girlfriend or two
You were maybe twenty seven and I was only twenty three
I had a thing for you and I know you had a thing for me
And though sometimes a year would go by
The guys from Gomez would always tell me that you said hi
Don't know why I got jealous or why I felt alarmed when Ian said
You showed up to their gig with a different redhead under your arm

I remember a day at the Columbia Hotel
We had lunch at Halepi
Across from Hyde Park
We came back to my room
My clothes were drying out on the balcony
We were sitting there talking
And the guys came in to talk to me
They saw my socks and underwear hanging out there and they laughed
But you didn't cause you had my back
You had my back, you had my back
You had my back, you had my back

I remember seeing you at Conway Hall in 2008
And I remember thinking that you were looking great
And I was alone but you were with that guy who worked at the guitar shop
So into a black taxi with Phil and Ian Ball I hopped
And outside it was cold as Charles Dickens
And the next day I was at Heathrow Airport leaving for Athens
And I ate stuffed peppers, played my show
And slept with some hoe
And I thought of you in England
Drinking tea with your guy and looking out at the snow

When I saw you recently and joined you onstage
It was as if neither one of us had aged
Still had my voice, you still had your sense of humor
You were still the crazy Koz from the CMJ that winter
I believe it was December 1995
So many years have passed and I've got a child now and a new guy
You've got a girl and both of us are happy
I want to know you when we're old and grey in rockin' chairs and cranky
I'm so happy to have you in my life
You know I'll always carry a soft spot for you in my heart
Got a connection that's so wonderful and rare
Okay Mark, I gotta go I hope to see you in Venice this year

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