Woodstock 1969, gli artisti e le canzoni: l'elenco completo (3)

Tutte le band e i brani eseguiti in occasione della terza giornata della storica tre giorni di pace, amore e musica
Woodstock 1969, gli artisti e le canzoni: l'elenco completo (3)

questo indirizzo l'elenco completo (con video) degli artisti e delle canzoni della seconda giornata del festival di Woodstock del 1969.


TERZO GIORNO (17 agosto 1969)



[Marty Balin (voce); Grace Slick (voce); Paul Kantner (chitarra, voci); Jorma Kaukonen (chitarra, voci); Jack Casady (basso); Spencer Dryden (batteria) e Nicky Hopkins (piano)]

“The Other Side Of This Life”                              

“Somebody To Love”                                        

“3/5 Of A Mile In 10 Seconds”                               

“Won’t You Try”/”Saturday Afternoon”                               

“Eskimo Blue Day”                                         

“Plastic Fantastic Lover”                                 

“Wooden Ships”                                            

“Uncle Sam Blues”                                         


“The Ballad Of You & Me & Pooneil”                        

“Come Back Baby”                                          

“White Rabbit”                                            

“The House At Pooneil Corners”                             



[con la Grease Band: Chris Stainton (tastiere); Henry Mccullough (chitarra e cori); Alan Spenner (basso e cori) e Bruce Rowland  (batteria)]

“Rockhouse” [Grease Band]                              

“Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring” [Grease Band]      

“Dear Landlord”                                           

“Something’s Coming On”                                   

“Do I Still Figure In Your Life”                           

“Feelin’ Alright”                                         

“Just Like A Woman”                                       

“Let’s Go Get Stoned”                                     

“I Don’t Need No Doctor”                                   

“I Shall Be Released”                                     

“Hitchcock Railway”                                       

“Something To Say”                                        

“With A Little Help From My Friends”                        



[Country Joe McDonald (voce e chitarra); Barry Melton (chitarra e voci); Mark Kapner (tastiere); Doug Metzner (basso) e Greg Dewey (batteria)]

“Rock & Soul Music”                                       


“Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine”                             

“Sing Sing Sing”                                          

“Summer Dresses”                                          

“Friend, Lover, Woman, Wife”                              

“Silver And Gold”                                         


“The Love Machine”                                        

“Ever Since You Told Me That You Love Me (I'm A Nut)”      

“Crystal Blues”                                           

“Rock & Soul Music” (Reprise)                              

“The “Fish” Cheer/I-Feel-Like-I’m-Fixin’-To-Die Rag”       



[Alvin Lee (chitarra e voce); Chick Churchill (tastiere); Leo Lyons (basso) e Ric Lee (batteria)]


“Good Morning Little Schoolgirl”                       


“I Can’t Keep From Crying Sometimes”                      

“Help Me”                                                

“I’m Going Home”                                   



[Robbie Robertson (chitarra e voce); Richard Manuel (piano, organo e voci); Garth Hudson (organo, piano); Rick Danko (basso, voci); Levon Helm (batteria e voci)]

“Chest Fever”                                             

“Don’t Do It”                                            

“Tears Of Rage”                                           

“We Can Talk”                                             

“Long Black Veil”                                         

“Don’t Ya Tell Henry”                                     

“Ain’t No More Cane”                                     

“This Wheel’s On Fire”                                    

“I Shall Be Released”                                     

“The Weight”                                              

“Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever”                          



[con Tommy Shannon (basso); John Turner (batteria); Edgar Winter (tastiere, voci)]

“Mama, Talk To Your Daughter”                              

“Leland Mississippi Blues”                                

“Mean Town Blues”                                        

“You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now”                       

“I Can’t Stand It” - con Edgar Winter                     

“Tobacco Road” - con Edgar Winter                        

“Tell The Truth” - con Edgar Winter                       

“Johnny B. Goode” 



[David Clayton-Thomas (voce e chitarra); Steve Katz (chitarra, armonica e voce); Dick Halligan (tastiere, tromba e flauto); Jerry Hyman (trombone); Fred Lipsius (sax alto e piano); Lew Soloff (tromba e filicorno); Chuck Winfield (tromba e filicorno); Jim Fielder (basso) e Bobby Colomby (batteria)]

“More And More”                                            

“Just One Smile”                                          

“Somethin’ Comin’ On”                                     

“I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know”                    

“Spinning Wheel”                                          

“Sometimes In Winter”                                     

“Smiling Phases”                                         

“God Bless The Child”                                     

“And When I Die”                                           

“You’ve Made Me So Very Happy”                             




“Suite: Judy Blue Eyes”                                   


“Helplessly Hoping”                                                 


“Marrakesh Express”                                       

“4 + 20”                                                   




[con Greg Reeves (basso) e Dallas Taylor (batteria)]

“Mr. Soul”                                                

“I’m Wonderin’”                                           

“You Don’t Have To Cry”                                   

“Pre-Road Downs”                                          

“Long Time Gone”                                          

“Bluebird Revisited”                                      

“Sea Of Madness”                                           

“Wooden Ships”                                            

“Find The Cost Of Freedom”                                

“49 Bye-Byes”                                             




[Paul Butterfield (voce, armonica); Howard “Buzzy” Feiten (chitarra); Rod Hicks (basso); David Sanborn (sax alto); Gene Dinwiddie (sax tenore, voci); Trevor Lawrence (sax baritono); Keith Johnson (tromba); Steve Madaio (tromba) e Phillip Wilson (batteria)]

“Born Under A Bad Sign”                                  

“No Amount Of Loving”                                     

“Driftin’ And Driftin’”                                 

“Morning Sunrise”                                         

“All In A Day”                                             

“Love March”                                             

“Everything’s Gonna Be Alright”                            




[Donald “Donny” York (voce); Rob Leonard (voce); Alan Cooper (voce); Frederick “Dennis” Greene (voce); Dave Garrett (voce); Richard “Richie” Joffe (voce); Scott Powell (voce); Joe Witkin (tastiere); Henry Gross (chitarra); Elliot Cahn (chitarra); Bruce Clarke III (basso); John “Jocko” Marcellino (batteria)]

“Get A Job”                                                

“Come Go With Me”                                         


“Teen Angel”                                              

“(Marie’s The Name) His Latest Flame”                      

“Wipe Out” 

“Blue Moon” (*)                                              

“Book Of Love”                                            

“Little Darlin’”

“A Teenager in Love” (*)

“At The Hop”                                              

“Duke Of Earl”                                             

“Get A Job” (Reprise)                                      




[Come Gypsy Sun And Rainbows, con Larry Lee (chitarra); Billy Cox (basso e cori); Mitch Mitchell (batteria); Juma Sultan (percussioni) e Gerardo “Jerry” Velez (congas)]

“Message To Love”                                       

“Hear My Train A Comin’”                            

“Spanish Castle Magic”                                    

“Red House”  

“Mastermind” (*)                                             

“Lover Man”                                               

“Foxey Lady”                                              

“Jam Back At The House”                                   


“Gypsy Woman / Aware Of Love” (*)                                                 


“Voodoo Child”                            

“The Star Spangled Banner”                                

“Purple Haze”                                             


“Villanova Junction”                                      

“Hey Joe”


questo indirizzo l'elenco completo (con video) degli artisti e delle canzoni della prima giornata del festival di Woodstock del 1969.                                                               

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