Album di LMFAO

  1. Party Rock Medley
  2. Sorry for Party Rocking
  3. Sexy and I Know It
  4. Champagne Showers Remixes
  5. Sorry for Party Rocking
  6. Champagne Showers
  7. Champagne Showers Remixes
  8. Party Rock Anthem
  9. La La La
  10. Shots (dummejungs Remix)
  11. Let The Bass Kick In Miami Girl
  12. I'm In Halifax Bitch (Canada Version)
  13. I'm In Halifax Trick
  14. Let The Bass Kick In Miami Bitch
  15. Shots (dummejungs Remix Version)
  16. I'm In Canada Trick (Canada Remixes Version)
  17. I'm In Your City Trick
  18. Party Rock
  19. I'm in Miami Trick
  20. I'm in Miami Bitch
  21. Party Rock
  22. I'm in Miami Bitch
  23. compilation