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Nile Rodgers
Nile Rodgers
  • RT @timmy666: RT @GoThinkBig: Apply to work w/ @nilerodgers + @RudimentalUk? Here's how to stand out! http:/http://t
  • RT @GoThinkBig: Have you applied for #workexperience with @nilerodgers & @RudimentalUk yet?! #GTBfreaks
  • RT @itishmira: I got lucky! @nilerodgers forgot his pic. Best souvenir. #NorthSeaJazzFestival {Oops. It's all yours}
  • RT @v2043: @nilerodgers @LRavalico - That was a loooong flight :-D We missed your landing mantra :-) {My phone went dead}
  • RT @YorkshireFests: Ready for @petshopboys now @BingleyFestival - let's see if they can follow @nilerodgers {Yes! Did Buenos Aires together}
  • RT @LRavalico: @nilerodgers Arrived yet? {Home, sweet home.}
  • RT @Colwalt: @nilerodgers agreed, the show at V in Stafford was the highlight of the weekend {Thanks for the kind words & props.}
  • We've been in a magical zone lately. It so awesome to play with these folks
  • RT @Colwalt: @nilerodgers is there an artist you would like to work with but never have? {Miles Davis. He wanted me to do a funk record.}
  • RT @JoelBabyHerc: @nilerodgers This time last year, you were with us kids @BingleyFestival. What a night that was. {Great gig!}
  • Someone said, "Did you know she's Miss Curaçao?" "Why isn't she miss Every Other Country In The World too?, " said I
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