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Nile Rodgers
Nile Rodgers
  • Guys have a built in let's do stupid stuff gene!
  • They said they're closing the highway at 9pm. Why does that mean let's go 4-wheeling to me?
  • RT @wghluvsadam: @nilerodgers Would rather u be careful ;) {If Ro & Greg can make it I should be able to #gdny}
  • RT @wghluvsadam: @nilerodgers Would love to c u on #gdny tomorrow {I'll try and brave the elements. I can't wait to see what happens.}
  • Perspective: Snow is 8' high cause coastal wind blows on my house. This was a 28" snowfall, they say 34" are coming
  • RT @BSTHydePark: Attention all! Queen of the dancefloor, Miss @kylieminogue, has a message for all her lovers. #bst…
  • The Big Calm Before The Big Storm.
  • RT @EmmanuelJAL: RT/Share #AfricanTalent #NewMusicMondays #TIA @MumfordAndSons @elliegoulding @nilerodgers @FilmAid @Thekeyise
  • RT @cnni: Northeast U.S. preps for "historic" and "life-threatening" #blizzardof2015:
  • @kylieminogue Hey Kylie! "Ain't we a pair." ~ Aunty (#TinaTurner), Beyond Thunderdome
  • RT @diplo: Forecast 4 tommorow
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