25 aprile 2014

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Nile Rodgers
Nile Rodgers
  • Daybreak April 24, 2014 - This is the 1st day I'll go out this week because I've had a horrible flu. Not bad as... http://t.co/m6MC1mSVJr
  • Rest has been the best thing for me this week. I'll try and catch up on everything next week. Peace out!
  • RT @revid99: @nilerodgers I got influenza in Jan 1989. I remember because I have never missed a flu shot since! (I WON'T MESS UP AGAIN.)
  • I can't even remember the last time I had the flu, it really kicked my butt. I'll never miss a flu shot again. EVER
  • Starting to feel a little better. Shot a segment for a TV special today at my studio. http://t.co/geklupiDRA
  • I've been having a rough week but I listened to this new package and it cheered me up. Music can do that. http://t.co/IDIdyvEZ1m
  • VIDEO: With @DuranDuran.. Reflecting on "The Reflex"... 30 years later. #ddreflex8414 http://t.co/jpO1h3Nk7Y
  • RT @orbuch: .@GabiViolin14 @shervin Gabi, you rock. So proud/excited for you. Internet is magic. :) http://t.co/Teivd7tyMX @john @marcy //@…
  • UGH! I'm so sick. I'm going back to drug induced sleep, which I HATE!!!! Happy Sunday EVERYBODY! I feel love for you.
  • okay the pills are kicking in my poorly spelled words can't be scapegoated to spellcheck. I'm Black History, metaphorically speaking. ZZZZ
  • You decide Grammys, awards, or shipping box? :-) http://t.co/Y0SmAqBQ9j
  • Ciao