18 aprile 2014

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Nile Rodgers
Nile Rodgers
  • Amazing! I just realized I have some of those in my locker. Thanks
  • RT @mojd: @nilerodgers here is a photo of the program for those shows http://t.co/G3Z6IkzmNv
  • Bernard Edwards' RIP final show. I'd find him in his hotel room a few hours after this. The video is "Everybody... http://t.co/45Arszmrlj
  • #SteveWinwood @NileRodgers @Slash rehearsing show that would be Bernard Edwards' RIP last http://t.co/i70Ebw7vIV http://t.co/15EZC7qzo9
  • Steve Winwood, Nile Rodgers, & Slash rehearsing for a show that would be Bernard Edwards' RIP last show - #Japan... http://t.co/aDCfcZ0s4e
  • RT @boysnoize: aproching the finish line w @chillygonzales http://t.co/XMEtTzg8Eg {GOOD LUCK GUYS!}
  • RT @ajgoldberg: I had a fascinating conversation with @nilerodgers AND I got to meet @KathySledge! A+ experience. http://t.co/TJn5LcQGY0
  • Me in #Japan in 2011 after my cancer operation and the big earthquake, tsunami & nuclear disaster. http://t.co/BijAPl8cC7
  • RT @BolsensKurt: @nilerodgers CHIC komt terug naar huis http://t.co/44g9pvZ8iO #CHIC #US #Family
  • The 2 Billion $ Guitar @nilerodgers #THEHITMAKER http://t.co/VriJn9rj5u http://t.co/mem0pGNjHo
  • 2014 @WeAreFamilyFdtn @threedotdashorg Global Teen Leaders on @TODAY #selfie w @CarsonDaly http://t.co/Q86pR4Muzs http://t.co/QNJq968Jav
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